Competition Description :

Speech competition is an individual competition where the participant deliver their own writing speech, based on selected themes given by the committee. Each participant will deliver his or her speech for 5 (five) minutes minimum, up to 7 (seven) minutes maximum. The judging aspects will be mount to speech subtance, grammar, pronounciation, time management, and way of delivering the speech itself.

Competition Format :

There are 2 competition stages : Preliminary Round and Final Round

General Rules :

  1. Every participant or representative has to attend the Technical Meeting.
  2. Participants who don’t attend the Technical Meeting won’t be guaranteed to get further information from the committee.
  3. Participants are highly suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the Opening Ceremony and must re-register at the assigned location before the Opening Ceremony starts.
  4. Partcipant should use a participant number before performing. The committee will give each participants the participant number on technical meeting or re-registering on the day competition before start.
  5. All participants must arrive at the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts. The name of the participant will only be announced 3 times and if the participant absent, he/she will be disqualified.
  6. The minimum duration of each participant’s performance is 5 minutes if less from its, we will be provided minus 5 points.
  7. The maximum duration of each participant’s performance is 7 minutes with extra 30 seconds to end the speech. Disobedience the duration of the performance will decrease the points. The participant should not make a mistake when they perform because the duration will keep running, we do not compromise to start all over again.
  8. Final theme for high school will be notified after the preliminary round and the theme for the university team will be notified 15 minutes before the final round


Specification Rules :

This competition will be held and judged individually for Preliminary Round and  Final Round.

  1. Theme for Preliminary Round is released to the participants
  2. Theme for Final Round is given by adjudicators




  • FLUENCY (15)
  • CONTENT (25)


  • Participant must using formal apparel. The participant must not wear jeans and t-shirt at the time of performance.
  • The participant has to wear formal shoes not using sandal.
  • The participant has to keep his/her appearance neat and clean.


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