1. The game consist of two player (SINGLE MATCH).
  2. The player will sit face to face.




  • There are 2 division, sush as OPEN DIVISION (senior high school, varsity, and general max 24 years old) and NEWBIE DIVISION (elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and student max 24 years old).
  • Registration for OPEN DIVISION : Rp. 150.000
  • Registration for NEWBIE DIVISION : Rp. 120.000
  • Participants should bring Student Identity Card or Identity Card that prove their ages below 24 years old.
  • Open division for participant rated above 800.
  • Newbie division for participant rated below 800 and never win scrabble competition in regional higher level. (for those are not fulfill all newbie aligibility wiil be disqualified).
  • Ratings ISF per November 1st 2019.
  • System : Tournament (Australian Draw & King of The Hill).
  • Total Rounds : Open Division 15 round (10 AD, 5 KOTH), Newbie Division 13 round (8 AD, 5 KOTH).
  • Penalty : 5 points per word which actually allowable.
  • The rule is based on WESPA.
  • Overtime is 5 minutes for each player.
  • Participants should bring gadget for timer.
  • Participants who give wrong information about rating and ages will be disqualifield.
  • Times for each round is about 50 minutes (25 minutes each participants).
  • Tolerance of lateness for the competing group is 15 minutes starting from the scheduled time..
  • During the game, players are not allowed to:
    • Open any kind of dictionaries, books or other reading materials.
    • Distract other player’s attention in any way.
    • Leave the location of the game by any cause, unless permitted by the regulator.
  • If a player wins because of their opponent’s lateness, the margin of the winner will be +100 and 1vp, if both players don’t come both got 0.5 VP and 0 margin.
  • In each match, a winning participant will get 1 VP, while the defeated participant will get 0 VP.
  • After the game, all players must sign the score sheet, as to agree the final score. Once the score sheet is signed, no objection can be made.
  • The Committee has full authority with regard to the interpretation and modification, if necessary of these rules, or if not stated in constitution. The decision of the Committee with respect to these rules will be final and binding.

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