Competition Description :

News Casting competition is an extraordinary competition which develops skills in reading and presenting at the same time and also in the professional ways.

Competition Format :

There are 2 competition stages : Preliminary Round and Final Round

General Rules :

  1. Every participant or representative has to attend the Technical Meeting.
  2. Participants who don’t attend the Technical Meeting won’t be guaranteed to get further information from the committee.
  3. Participants are highly suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the Opening Ceremony and must re-register at the assigned location before the Opening Ceremony starts.
  4. All participants must arrive at the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts. The name of the participant will only be announced 3 times and if the participant absent, he/she will be skipped.
  5. Before the competition, contestants are given a brief on the rules by coordinator.
  6. Every participant should make their own opening and closing sentence.
  7. After performing, contestant may not join the audience.
  8. All participants should respect and appreciate every judgement from the judges.


  • Physical Appearance
  1. Every participant has to wear formal apparel. Blazer and tie (men) are preferable.. All participants must not wear jeans or t-shirt in this competition.
  2. Every participant has to wear pantofel shoes.
  3. A minimal use of cosmetics is allowed for participants.

Specific Rules :

This competition will be held and judged individually for Preliminary Round and  Final Round.

  • Preliminary Round
    Materials of the Competition :
  • News
  • Weather forecast

Each participant will present 1 news in maximum 7 minutes (include opening and closing sentence). The script prepared by the committee. The main news materials will given without reading marks.

  • Final Round
    Materials of the Competition :
  • 2 News
  • Weather Forecast

Each participant will present different news and weather forecast news in maximal 15 minutes. For the weather forecast, the participants will get a picture of some region, which display degrees, weather, and etc that will be given after the announcement of finalist. And the participant must illustrate that picture (weather forecast) to the judges. The main news materials will given without reading marks.

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